Mergers, Acquisitions, and Dispositions

We assist clients in the pre-acquisition positioning phase, to the letter of intent, through the purchase or merger agreement and then into managing the documents, economics and people after the acquisition. Normally, our firm is representing either a buyer or seller in these transactions and the other side has to hire a CPA and attorney to try to keep up with our firm.

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Tax Litigation, Audits, Appeals & More

We assist in all phases of tax litigation including the audit, appeals, litigation, and into courts of appeals. We understand that it is frustrating and emotionally draining negotiating and dealing with the huge bureaucracy known as the IRS.

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In-House Counsel & Transactional Services

Many companies need the assistance of attorneys with implementing more routine tasks such as: negotiating contracts; performing corporate due diligence; facilitating owners or management meetings; or providing sound legal advice on various issues.

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Business/Tax Planning and Structuring

Gardner Firm PLLC's service offerings include advice and planning related to all facets of partnership tax, corporate tax, international tax, oil & gas tax, tax accounting, and tax exemption organizations.

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When you hire us you get the experience of tax attorneys who received their training in the massive law firms and accounting firms without the price tag and all the red tape.

Tax Attorneys in Tyler, TX & Richardson, TX

Based on the decade plus of working in massive law and accounting firms, our attorney identifies many issues that might not be recognized by another attorney. In the event there is an issue outside our comfort zone, we have a huge network of friends, primarily in the massive law firms and accounting firms, who willingly help us. For example, in a recent outbound deal (structuring a business taking their operations outside the United States), we needed additional help and contacted two prior friends who only do outbound transactions, one in one of the Big 4 accounting firms and another at a massive law firm. Give us a call to discuss how our firm can bring our enormous experience at a reasonable price to serve you, as well as tap into the huge network of other experts in law at normally a much higher price, if needed.

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